Benefits from the EMS

Integrated, inclusive management of such a large area as the Carmarthen Bay & Estuaries EMS will take a lot of time and effort.  But the potential environmental and social benefits it can bring are enormous – and if effectively integrated into the management of economic activities and developments, it can both contribute to ensuring that they are environmentally sustainable and also potentially give them an added value.

Potential benefits are many and varied, and include contributions to:

  • a high quality, socially and economically valuable environment
  • meeting Welsh Assembly Government environmental targets in the Wales Sustainable Development Scheme and Wales Environment Strategy
  • meeting targets for sustainability, health, public access, recreation, shoreline management (sustaining natural coastal defences)
  • development of sustainable fisheries
  • an environment attracting and encouraging the release European structural funds
  • planning and delivery of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • educational opportunities for sustainable development and citizenship targets
  • generating information for sustainable management
  • sustaining and enhancing marine biodiversity
  • international recognition of the European significance of Carmarthen Bay & Estuaries
  • greater local awareness of the value of the marine environment in the bay and estuaries
  • delivering UK Biodiversity Action Plan targets

and last but by no means least:

  • protection of the natural environment for the true ‘stakeholders’ – future generations.


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