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Whilst only relevant authorities have the responsibility for establishing a management scheme, government guidance strongly recommends that other groups including owners and occupiers, users, industry and interest groups be involved in developing the scheme.

At public meetings held by the Relevant Authorities Group in St. Clears and Llanelli in October in 2001, a wide range of community interests agreed on the establishment of a Liaison Forum as a way to maintain dialogue between the RAG, competent authorities and the public, and to support community and public interests in participating in the process of developing the management scheme.

The report from the meetings, including the presentations given by the Countryside Council for Wales, is available here.   A Liaison Forum was established in 2002 with representation from fisheries; tourism & recreation; nature conservation & environment; business & industry; and community groups.

However, the Forum had limited success.  Attendance at meetings was sparse and the Forum went into abeyance  in 2004.  No decision whether to attempt to revive the Forum on a formal footing has been made.  It will much depend on the degree of public interest.

In the meantime, bearing in mind the size of the site, the length of its coastal boundary, the dispersed nature of interested stakeholders and the continually increasing number of people with access to the internet access, it has been decided to focus liaison through this website.

It is planned to supplement the website by both one-to one liaison with individuals and groups and through informal drop-in “surgeries” as appropriate and needed.  But - the future liaison structure will be very much driven by stakeholder interest and wish for active participation.   Please do let us know your ideas and preferences.

Getting involved and your voice heard

There are three main ways of getting involved in contributing to the ongoing development and implementation of the Carmarthen Bay and Estuaries EMS management scheme:

  • Contact the EMS Officer through the form below
  • Contact the relevant authority that best represents your interests or manages the activities you are involved in
  • Attend drop-in surgeries or other public meetings as and when they are advertised